That Can Be My Next Tweet

A 2010 Twitter Phenomenon

That Can Be My Next Tweet (discontinued) was a web app created by Monokai that generated your future tweets based on the DNA of your existing Twitter messages.

The idea was simple, the output mostly absurd, but it generally made people laugh.

It reached 1M visitors in its first week, generating 2 tweets per second at its peak. The site got featured on Gizmodo, Time, CNN, The Next Web, Mashable and other blogs.

What others have said


Dreamlike. Semi-sensical. Sort of terrifying. The site is less a Twitter toy than a disturbing peer into my subconscious.


While some of the autogenerated tweets seem plausible enough (…), other autogenerated strings are nothing short of hilarious.


A bizarrely addictive little time-waster (…) sounding something like a mashup of Yoda, a freshman philosophy major and Caine from Kung Fu.

The Huffington Post

The results are, predictably, hilarious. I couldn't have said it better myself.


Add this to the pile of brilliant Twitter-related time-wasters.

The Next Web

Are we really so predictable that everything that we Tweet can be broken down by a machine to figure out what we’ll say next?


This site is providing some good laughs this morning here at the Twitter office.

The Washington Post

My theory is that this generator captures the subliminal. This sounds a bit like how I’d like to spend a Sunday in an alternate universe.


If you've ever wanted to write like a Twitter spambot, here's your chance. Trying it with Urlesque's Twitter gave us a whole bunch of ideas for animal videos we wish existed in real life.

TED talk from Adam Ostrow

You can image what something like this might look like five, ten or twenty years from now, as our technical capabilities improve.